Some Kitchen Design Ideas

Kitchens, it goes without saying, are an important element of any home. Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom who cooks three meals a day, a weekend chef who likes to try out that recipe you saw on TV on your last day off, or a single who eats takeout and uses this portion of the house primarily to reheat meals and wash dishes – everyone needs a kitchen. Because such desires vary, you’ll want to personalize yours so that your time in the kitchen is both enjoyable and useful.

The first principle of kitchen design is the ‘golden triangle,’ which refers to grouping together the most frequently used items or work spaces. So, if your golden triangle is the stove, refrigerator, and worktable, make sure your kitchen design brings them closer together to make it easier to use.

When designing your kitchen, cabinet space is an important factor to consider. Make sure you know how much space you’ll need so you don’t end up with too much or too little. Modular fitted kitchens are convenient in that you may customize the inside of your drawers and cupboards so that items are easy to reach when you need them. If your kitchen space is limited, consider a suspended pot rack to make use of the ceiling space.

When designing your dream kitchen, there are five things to keep in mind.

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