Old cable reels were transformed into these stunning pieces of furniture using 20 different ideas.

This wood spool may have previously been used to convey electrical lines, cables, and a variety of other goods. What you may not understand is that the wood used in their construction is comparable to that used in pallets, making them excellent for adorning open areas. It’s commonly found in home improvement stores, and because … Read more

Porch Swing Ideas That Are Both Relaxing and Wooden

Even though it’s still January, believe it or not, we’ll be putting them up on our front porches again soon. Years ago, while I was growing up, my best friend and her family had a picket swing in their backyard beneath the shrubs. During the spring and summer, at least once a week, after supper, … Read more

Ideas for a handcrafted wooden kitchen

The kitchen is a very vital aspect of any home. In fact, many people consider the kitchen to be the heart of the home. In these modern times, the kitchen has evolved into much more than a space for preparing and cooking meals. Modern homeowners have been keen to customize their kitchens because it has … Read more