Old cable reels were transformed into these stunning pieces of furniture using 20 different ideas.

This wood spool may have previously been used to convey electrical lines, cables, and a variety of other goods. What you may not understand is that the wood used in their construction is comparable to that used in pallets, making them excellent for adorning open areas. It’s commonly found in home improvement stores, and because it’s a disposable item, you’ll almost probably be able to receive one for free to finish your small ornament project.

Take a look at the options, and I’m confident you’ll be enthralled by the wood reel décor ideas I’ve gathered for you! Prepared?

I like the idea of using the spool as a coffee table in the living room! You can use the item in its original color, or you can paint it in the color of your choice! You may also add a glass top and casters to your spool espresso table to make it more functional!

Still concerned about your desk choice? You can make it a little better by constructing some “niches” to hold books and periodicals!

It is frequently possible to build outdoor seats or stools with upholstery! And the good news is that in this instance, you may go bold with prints and patterns and leave your reel-based stool with the face of your own home decor!

Another option is to use the reel as a support for plants and flowers, which will create a truly attractive look in your backyard or leisure area!

Consider using a wood reel to create a tiny bar in your home. The end result is gorgeous and very unique! Nobody could have a bar like yours at home, I’m sure!

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