11 Space-saving Vertical Garden Ideas That’ll Brighten Up

Vertical gardening gives your home or outdoor growing spaces a new perspective. Save room in your garden with a garden that climbs up, whether it’s a vertical herb garden or a trellis.

Vertical gardens are not only fashionable, but also extremely functional. The ground is only a fraction of the available surface area to fill in any outdoor room or patio, but especially in compact spaces; walls and ceilings make up the difference. If you don’t have enough floor space for a garden or cluster of plants, consider making a vertical garden out of an empty wall. A vertical garden will provide you the room you need to plant flowers, fresh herbs, succulents–you name it–in the tiniest of spaces, whether you plant it inside or outside. One of these vertical garden ideas will undoubtedly call to you, whether it’s upcycling an old dresser or simply hanging a few plants.

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